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API reaffirms standards brief. OGP welcomes IRF support for ISO/IEC. ISO publishes 22320 standard for incident response. National Shipbuilding Research Program kicks off CAD/production planning data exchange. Fiatech explores alignment of pump schemas.

Speaking at ANSI-ESO Joint Presidents Group meeting in Washington late last year, American Petroleum Institute standards director David Miller recalled the API’s 90 year history of standards-setting. The first drilling threads standard was published in 1924. Today the API maintains some 600 standards across the industry striving for ‘openness, balance, consensus and due process.’

For the UK-based Oil and Gas Producers association (OGP), the Montara and Macondo incidents have underscored the need for ‘robust and comprehensive’ standards. OGP therefore welcomes the resolution of the International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) meeting last November in support of ISO/IEC standards as the basis for global offshore regulation. The IRF is setting up a standards subgroup to ‘engage’ with the OGP standards committee, the ISO/TC67 management committee and other relevant groups.

To minimize the impact of disasters, terrorist attacks and other major incidents, ISO has published a new standard for emergency management and incident response—ISO 22320:2011. Workgroup convener Ernst-Peter Döbbeling said, ‘Incident response requires participation of public and private organizations working at international, regional and national levels. Harmonized international guidance is needed to coordinate efforts and ensure effective action. ISO 22320 can be used by all types of organizations to improve their incident response capability.’

The US National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) has announced a $1.4 million project to automate data exchange between CAD models and production planning systems, leveraging earlier NSRP ERP/CAD integration—1903.

Fiatech has just published a report titled, ‘Harmonization of pump schemas with the ISO 15926 reference data library,’ an ‘exploratory analysis’ of the work required to harmonize activities across ISO 15926 RDL, the automating equipment information exchange (AEX) cfiXML and the Hydraulic Institute’s standard for electronic data exchange for pumping equipment, HI-EDE 50.7. The mapping effort is a new Fiatech project for 2012.

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