Going, going, green!

Abu Dhabi hosts ‘Eye on Earth’ with help from ESRI, Microsoft and EU. Equitable Origin plans ‘stakeholder-based’ certification for ‘Fair Trade’ oil products!

The Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) hosted the 2011 ‘Eye On Earth’ summit last month. The group has implemented a new ‘international geospatial platform for sharing environmental data’ i.e. a website. The revamped ‘Eye on Earth’ was jointly developed by Esri, Microsoft, and the EU Environment Agency. The site provides tools for creating maps, accessing datasets and managing geospatial content. Content can be shared with the public, among groups or used privately. Stakeholders can use the network to develop policy, design plans and ‘take action.’ Under the hood, Esri’s ArcGIS Online runs in a Windows Azure cloud. EEA hosts and maintains the platform.

A ‘stakeholder-based certification system’ for oil and gas was launched late last year by Equitable Origin (EO) to promote higher environmental and social standards, greater transparency and more accountability. The market-based mechanism is designed to incentivize and reward best practices in the industry. EO has developed the ‘EO100’ standard as a basis for certification across environmental, social and sustainability performance. Consumers will be able to buy from companies that responsibly produce and source oil and gas, ‘just as they can buy Fair Trade coffee.’

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