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Blueback Reservoir’s Toolbox V13 includes a project history overview, spectral blueing and a well testing workflow including pressure deconvolution. A new version of the Geodata Investigator supports data analysis in Petrel combining well data, seismic, 3D models and surface data in cross plots and histograms.

The latest 6.0 release of Dynamic GraphicsCoViz 4D includes ‘Pem2Seis’ a petroelastic model to synthetic seismic generation tool, a new integrated well designer, viewer-integrated time-to-depth conversions and 3D stereoscopic display.

Release 4.0 of ClearEdge3D’s EdgeWise Plant extracts ‘up to’ 90% of the pipes in a scene providing dimensionally accurate valve, flange and other component placement. A virtual demolition tool removes pipes and associated points from billion-plus point clouds.

Energy Graphics has touch-enabled its Intellex suite offering interactive wall maps and data reports on the iPad, managed and served from the new Intellex GIS server.

Energy Solutions International’s Synthesis 11.0 pipeline manager includes enhancements for multiple tariffs on nomination measurement and operations and configurable data fields for ticketing.

Kongsberg’s LedaFlow 1.2 enhances hydrodynamic slug prediction and helps mitigate flow disruption. A new buried pipe feature evaluates corrosion risk and helps material selection for flowlines, risers and pipelines.

Yokogawa’s ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system now operates reliably in high-temperature environments such as desert locations. Modbus/TCP communications improves compatibility with third party control systems.

Schlumberger has announced a shale field development plug-in for Petrel. The package combines reservoir and completion quality indicators into a map of ‘sweet spot.’

Oncam Grandeye has announced Evolution ExD, a 360°, explosion-proof surveillance camera for harsh and hazardous environments such as on an oil and gas production facility.

The 2012 release of OSIsoft’s PI Server promises improved performance, reliability and security. PI Server scales to capture ‘burst’ data rates from millions of data streams and lets users keep all their historical data online. New ‘backfilling’ features capture data from multiple systems into a single data store which can be viewed with a new PI Coresight iPad app.

Pegasus Vertex has announced CEMLab, a cement lab data management system that assigns tasks, manages test results and generates reports, replacing ‘tedious’ manual bookkeeping. Users can login to the tool from a web browser.

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