BGS leverages GSI3D mapper in 3D UK geology

New geological fence diagrams offer non conventional, geothermal exploration insights.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has released GB3D, a new 3D geological map of Great Britain, a set of geological fence diagrams that crisscross the country, illustrating the UK’s solid geology. GB3D targets users in the natural resources exploration, educators and the public.

GB3D, a.k.a. the National bedrock fence diagram can be downloaded from the BGS website in a variety of formats.

Cross sections were created using the GSI3D geological modeling package (0701) along with surface mapping, boreholes and geophysical data. BGS executive director John Ludden said, ‘The new model clearly shows the structure of our key aquifers. Understanding their 3D geometry of will help safeguard these resources and provide a foundation for the development of new resources such as shale gas and geothermal heat sources.’ Download GB3D here and read the ‘making of’ here.

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