Cartasite CellSafe keeps truckers off phone, on road!

Encana driving safety program head backs cell phone blocking technology.

Pittsburg, PA headquartered Cartasite unveiled a new, safe driving system at the OSHA oil and gas safety conference in Dallas this month. The new ‘CellSafe’ feature is an addition to Cartasite’s ‘Rovr’ system that informs drivers about behavior patterns that are likely to result in an accident.

Cartasite CEO David Armitage explained, ‘CellSafe adds an extra safety measure by addressing the issue of distraction caused by cellular phone use when driving.’ CellSafe monitors and can even block cell phone use while a vehicle is in motion.

The Rovr device plugs into the vehicle’s OBD and acts as ‘black box,’ measuring subtle movements of the vehicle that have been shown to be indicative of distracted or aggressive driving patterns. Cartasite’s software translates this data into a scorecard which is emailed to each driver every week. The scorecard suggests changes to driver behavior that will save fuel, reduce emissions and crash risk.

Mark Trostel, head of Encana’s driving safety program said, ‘The Rovr scorecards have proven effective in reducing accident rates at some of the largest energy companies in the world. Drivers actually compete for the highest score and earn rewards for safe driving.’ Cartasite collaborated with Cellcontrol to develop the new feature. More from Cartasite.

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