CyrusOne, Dell, R Systems offer E&P HPC Cloud

Service providers team on on-demand high performance computing for seismic imaging.

Global data center services provider CyrusOne has partnered with Dell and R Systems to deliver a cloud-based solution tailored to oil and gas. The initial offering will be delivered from CyrusOne’s Houston West colocation facility from which Dell and R Systems are to offer custom high performance computing solutions for clients.

CyrusOne’s Sky for the Cloud is a ‘peering and interconnection’ platform for cloud-based applications served from a customized ‘data hall.’ The facility includes a ‘2N architecture’ for redundant power and high availability. Single location peering ‘pulls content from the edge of the internet to the heart of the data center.’ The HPC Cloud enables companies to align compute requirements with projects and technology refresh cycles, taking advantage of the fastest technology available.

Dell VP Nnamdi Orakwue said, ‘The HPC Cloud solution frees companies from having to manage HPC environments and resources so that they can focus on running their businesses, not data centers.’

The offering targets high volume seismic processing. Kevin Timmons, CyrusOne CTO, added, ‘Sky for the Cloud creates an ecosystem to facilitate analysis and sharing of all geophysical data locally and statewide.’ CyrusOne is to connect its facilities in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, allowing clients to build out capacity choosing either CyrusOne’s bandwidth marketplace or a ‘cross-connect’ to the Cloud service More from CyrusOne.

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