Semantic ISO 15926 ‘based on a misunderstanding’

University of Oslo researcher takes issue with standard—advocating a linked data approach.

Rurik Thomas Greenall, previously with Statoil and now at the University of Oslo, posted an informative contribution to the W3C Oil and Gas and Chemicals business group which he has kindly allowed us to summarize.

I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you about why I struggle with ‘semantics’ in oil and gas. There is a tendency to view the kind of activity done in ‘semantic data modeling’ as a pertinent semantic web activity. From the standpoint of a semantic web programmer like myself ‘semantic data modeling’ as used in ISO 15926, ISA, MIMOSA and OpenO&M is not a semantic web activity as set out by the W3C where, I quote, ‘The semantic web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused [...] across application, enterprise, and community boundaries [using] the resource description framework, RDF.’

The current W3C view is that RDF is based on linked data and HTTP-URIs. Linked data is the semantic web. Attempts at providing an ontological view such as ISO15926 are based on a misunderstanding. My friendly challenge to the group then is to move towards the core of the semantic web and away from the niche we’re working in.

Read Greenall’s full post here.

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