Geophysicus—‘more than meets the eye’ in seismic data

3rd Science Software’s Steven Lynch’s claims that SeisScape reveals hidden information.

Erudite blogger ‘Geophysicus,’ rumoured to be Steven Lynch, Principal Investigator and CEO of Denver-based 3rd Science, believes that there is ‘more than meets the eye’ in seismic data. Lynch believes that seismic sections contain an ‘almost limitless’ amount of information that may be hard to communicate to the viewer visually—impacting an interpreter’s ability to make informed decisions.

While digital processing has made great strides in improving resolution, our ability to communicate this to the interpreter still relies on the same combination of wiggle trace displays, chromatic variable density displays and achromatic grey scale displays as it was over a generation ago. Lynch believes that such technology is ‘antiquated,’ contending that it fails to reveal ‘entire levels of detail and coherent signal’ that exist in the data.

3rd Science purports to bring this hitherto unseen data into focus with its MeshLab and SeisScape technologies. Actually we reported earlier on SeisScape—then marketed by Birch Tree Software (OITJ March 2000). Those baffled by Lynch’s claims can download his 2008 PhD thesis.

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