Int Viewer links to Matlab, Seismic Workbench. Spotfire leverages OpenSpirit Connect.

A number of announcements this month suggest that a new upstream development ecosystem is emerging from a few key component and infrastructure providers. The 4.5 release of INT’s IntViewer seismic data visualization application and development platform sees the addition of Matlab and Seismic Workbench plug-ins providing an integration pathway to script-based processing systems and open-source processing systems including Seismic Un*x.

Tibco has announced OpenSpirit Connect, ‘pre-built’ web services which connect the world of upstream data to Tibco’s hub—linking geotechnical data with corporate and financial data sources. Tibco’s Spotfire data analysis package now plugs and plays with a variety of upstream data sources—again via OpenSpirit—promising ‘event-enabled’ integration, discovery and predictive analysis of energy ‘big data’ sets.

A MathWorks’ webinar heard Graham Dudgeon vaunt the merits of Matlab and Simulink in the energy sector where the high level scripting language is used to perform data access and predictive modeling.

Is this an ecosystem? Well, INT’s technology is under the hood of several OpenSpirit tools and Matlab provides an alternative route to high performance computing, including number crunching on the GPU (Oil IT Journal May 2012).

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