Recursion Software white paper on mobile SCADA alarms

SCADA-aware Mobile uses ‘most reliable’ available route to ensure alarm reaches destination.

Frisco, Texas-based Recursion Software has announced ‘Scada-aware mobile’ (SAM), an alarm broadcast system that is claimed to exceed the capabilities of SMS, e-mail and pagers. SAM delivers alarms to mobile devices using the most reliable available route and guarantees that alarms are delivered on time. Alarms and associated data from the control system are sent to a designated group, escalating at defined intervals until someone acknowledges. SAM runs on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The application can be implemented non-intrusively on existing infrastructure and requires very little bandwidth. The verification ‘heartbeat’ takes less than 250 bytes.

Conventional alarms are associated with a Scada tag. SAM can also raise its own alarms when a server or mobile device fails to talk. Specific events can be associated with different sounds, vibrations, or to flash the Led on the mobile. The SAM GUI displays tags in the alarm state along with their status—color coded according to the escalation level. Drilling down into an alarm provides more information and graphs of tag history.

A database editor lets administrators configure alarms, users, actions and behavior in the event of timeouts. SAM users can be authenticated against the corporate Open Ldap server or Microsoft’s Active Directory. An extra level of security is provided by SSL and encrypted passwords in the SAM.

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