SIGMA3 targets naturally fractured reservoirs

Geo-engineering solution blends seismic, well and production data for sweet-spot mapping.

Houston-based Sigma3 (Sigma-cubed) has announced a suite of tools for planning, developing, and optimizing fields, with particular attention to naturally fractured reservoirs. The ‘GeoEngineering’ solution is a software and services offering that includes geoscience and engineering technology from Sigma³’s experts using proprietary Crystal software to generate high-resolution geologic models constrained by seismic and well data.

Deliverables include maps of sweet spots, a ‘best-in-class’ 3D geocellular grid and high resolution imaging and inversion. The ‘continuous fracture modeling workflow,’ a.k.a. ‘Real-time dynamic earth modeling,’ blends completions data, microseismics, well geometries and the geological model to provide field-scale reservoir property predictions. Sigma³ CEO Jorge Machnizh said, ‘Geoscience and engineering integration needs to be compelling for geoscientists and engineers to actually want to work together! Our technology-led approach to reservoir understanding and management it the sole focus for our expertise and R&D dollars.’ More from

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