MAOP validator backed by Pacific Gas & Electric

Pipeline safety boost from Coler & Colantonio’s maximum allowable operating pressure calculator.

Pipeline software specialist Coler & Colantonio has announced the MAOP validation calculator (MVC), an aid to gas pipeline safety developed in collaboration with San Francisco-based Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). MVC is used by pipeline operators to calculate a pipeline’s maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) as determined from federal and state regulatory requirements. The Calculator output allows for standardized report generation and the engineering analysis of MAOP validation issues.

The MVC includes federal and state regulations and applicable PHMSA* advisory bulletins to perform MAOP validation for pipeline components. An audit trail of the analysis can be exported to a GIS system and operational and regulatory reports can be generated on the fly.

Sumeet Singh, senior director of asset knowledge management for PG&E’s gas operations said, ‘We continue to invest in best-in-class technologies to enhance pipeline safety and have used the MVC for MAOP validation of our own pipelines. Now other pipeline operators can use it to manage critical assets and enhance the safety of their gas transmission pipeline systems.’

* US Pipeline safety administration.

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