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Fiatech & POSC/Caesar unite. OGC GeoPackage, SensorML 2.0. PODS SP0507. EU data exchange.

The US Fiatech and Norwegian POSC/Caesar Association (PCA) are to unify their ISO 15926 interoperability initiatives under the ‘iRing’ name. Projects include Proteus, the ‘dot15926’ editor, iRingTools and the 2010 Joint operational reference data, Jord. Jord Phase 1 recently completed, delivering a reference data endpoint, compliance guidelines and a ‘methodology for compliant mapping of information interfaces using template signature patterns.’ Jord Phase 2 is underway and will complete delivery of ‘dependable ISO 15926 reference data services, including those for validating third party interfaces. More from iRing and Jord.

The Open Geospatial Consortium has kicked off a work group to advance its GeoPackage (GPKG) standard, a means of providing geospatial services to field workers with intermittent connectivity. OGC is also seeking input for its candidate SensorML 2.0 standard for describing sensors, actuators and measurement processes. SensorML 2.0 is a component of the embryonic ‘Internet of Things.’ Evaluate SensorML 2.0.

PODS is seeking volunteers from member companies to join a NACE/PODS joint task force to ‘re-validate’ the SP0507 external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) integrity data exchange format, a comma delimited text file format.

The EU Process automation user associations EI, EXERA, WIB and NAMUR met in Brussels last month and agreed on information exchange and the formation of joint workgroups in the fields of safety, wireless automation, IT security, flow devices and alarm management.

The EU has kicked off a FP7 project, the ‘Linked data benchmark council’ (LDBC) with the objectives of developing benchmarks for RDF and graph data management systems (a.k.a. the Semantic web) and to ‘spur industry cooperation’ around such.

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