ISS Group hikes sales team as Schlumberger deal expires

2012 growth, new clients for Babelfish’s ‘operation’ as opposed to ‘information’ technology.

ISS Group reported revenue and profit growth for 2012 and new customers including Chevron Australian, Oil Search PNG, and Singapore LNG. The company’s flagship Babelfish software suite is described as ‘operation technology’ as opposed to ‘information technology,’ a distinction made by Gartner which has it that ‘an independent world of OT is developing separately from IT groups.’ Gartner further warns that ‘If IT organisations do not engage with OT to create alignment and integration, they may be sidelined from major technology decisions and place OT systems at risk.’

ISS is to increase its sales team and marketing effort in 2013, in part to compensate for the expiry of its deal with Schlumberger covering Babelfish sales into the oil and gas vertical. This brought in $4.5 million in 2012, some 20% of total revenues. A final $1.3 million payment is due in 2013. More from ISS.

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