Refinery-wide optimizer

Invensys adds Spiral Software’s ‘ground-up’ refinery management solution to its SimSci-Esscor hydro-carbon processing industry (HPI) product line-up.

Invensys has acquired Cambridge, UK-headquartered Spiral Software, a provider of ‘crude oil knowledge-management tools’ for traders and refiners. Spiral’s planning and scheduling solution is a multi-user environment for sharing data and models across supply chain work processes.

The new functionality will be available from Invensys’ SimSci-Esscor unit as a component of its hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) solution which will now support ‘refinery-wide’ optimization.

Invensys VP Tobias Scheele said, ‘Our software helps clients understand the financial impact of business decisions in real time. The extension of our portfolio will help drive profitability and performance improvements across the refinery.’

Spiral’s yield accounting, off-sites and planning and scheduling functionality allows for the update of linear programming models as feedstock profiles or equipment configurations change. Crude purchasing, production schedules and sales can be aligned with real-time market conditions. Risk-analysis functions provide insights into how planning and scheduling scenarios may be exposed to changes in feedstock costs, product demand and refinery operations. More from Invensys.

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