Transform Software takes AIM

New ‘analytic interpretation and modeling’ package classifies seismics with multivariate statistics.

Transform Software unveiled its analytic interpretation and modeling (AIM) system at the SEG in Las Vegas this month. AIM is a component of Transform’s TerraSuite interpretation platform. President Murray Roth said, ‘AIM replaces qualitative interpretation with statistics-based classification. AIM uses predictive analytics in the form of MVStats, our proprietary multivariate analysis toolkit.’

MVStats provides a variety of linear, non-linear, unsupervised and other classification techniques. These can be applied to a variety of interpretation problems such as facies mapping, well log lithofacies identification and microseismics. Roth observed ‘Predictive analytics is not new to our industry. But current tools are generic packages built to span dozens of industries and cannot incorporate geoscience data.’

MVStats was used by Transform to analyze well production and seismic data over the Eagle Ford and Bakken/Three Forks plays. The results are available as a non exclusive data set.

Transform also rolled out TerraLocate at the SEG, a package for data quality control of microseismic surveys. TerraLocate’s development was guided by a consortium of eight leading operators and addresses ‘persistent QC challenges in microseismic data acquisition and processing.’ Deliverable are ‘living databases,’ with operators agreeing to an initial purchase and annual subscription to accommodate continuous updates and enhancements.

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