Global Energy Mapper for site pad placement

Blue Marble’s new tool provides one click ordering of digital terrain and culture data.

The latest V14 release of Blue Marble Geographics’ Global energy mapper (GEM) features an enhanced site pad placement tool developed in partnership with Spatial Energy. GEM now provides access to online data from Spatial Energy with on-click data ordering. A terrain analysis function offers contour grid generation, watershed generation and tools for locating ridge lines and calculating volumes between surfaces. Blue Marble president Pat Cunningham said, ‘This release was a great opportunity to combine two great software companies while expanding the power of affordable GIS software.’

For pipeline analysts, GEM offers raster management tools and geospatial data management functionality co-developed with the US Geological Survey (USGS). The new release also adds support for seven types of spatial databases and the ability to consume web feature services and web map tile services. Other new formats include Garmin JNX, ArcSDE, personal and file geodatabases, Oracle spatial, PostGIS, MySQL Spatial and more. GEM has an entry-level price of under $400.

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