Potential field inversion service runs in Azure cloud

Geosoft Voxi now runs larger jobs in the Microsoft Azure ‘cloud.’

Toronto headquartered geophysical software specialist Geosoft is now offering potential field inversion services using a secure data connection into the Microsoft Azure cloud. Geosoft’s Voxi earth modeling (VEM) package generates 3D voxel models from airborne or ground gravity and magnetic data. VEM is available through Geosoft’s Oasis montaj desktop application.

For larger inversion jobs, the Azure cloud is invoked. Data is converted at the client to a ‘package’ containing the information required for the inversion. Data is transferred encrypted which means that binary Voxi objects are only readable by the Voxi service. Intrinsic Azure security offers an additional layer of protection to data during inversion.

Once the job is in the cloud, the Azure service instantiates the appropriate number of cores and a virtual cluster is formed to run the inversion process. The inversion package and model results are only stored in the cloud for as long as they are needed to complete and download the inversion results to the client. All data is then immediately deleted from the Azure service. More from www.geosoft.com.

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