GSE announces virtual flow loop trainer

Real time, high fidelity system offers ‘serious games’ technology to ‘next generation’ plant workers.

GSE Systems has just released a ‘Virtual flow loop trainer,’ an education aid that combines GSE’s expertise in high fidelity simulation modeling with ‘serious gaming” 3D technology. With the cost of a ‘brick and mortar’ flow loop training facility running at around $1 million, the VFLT offers a cost-effective way of training operators using a company’s existing IT infrastructure.

Serious gaming technology, according to GSE, is a proven technology that is ‘widely used by the US military.’ The VFLT uses it to provide ‘cost-effective’ VR that combines simulation expertise, system design and visualization technology. The system is applicable to any organization that needs to train staff on the fundamentals and practical operations of a wide variety of pumps, valves, controllers and instrumentation.

The VFLT includes real-time, high fidelity simulation data into the scenario for a deeper understanding of component and system functions. Instructors can confront trainees with phenomena that are difficult for students to visualize and understand—without risking any safety or environmental issues. Virtual environments are said to be well suited to the next generation of plant workers, which is well-versed in the digital world and expects a hands-on learning experience.

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