SAP partners with Iron Mountain on software escrow

New service for bespoke SAP development reduces licensee risk exposure.

According to Iron Mountain, ‘companies commissioning business software from developers are putting their investment and valuable intellectual property at risk if they fail to protect the source code.’ Iron Mountain has teamed with ERP vendor SAP to offer such companies a ‘software escrow service’ to address the challenge. SAP’s Business One unit is to refer its software solution partners to Iron Mountain to secure their add-on solutions’ code.

Iron Mountain’s Par Keddy explained ‘Software escrow is a legal agreement between the developer, the licensee and a third party, who holds the software source code. It reduces the licensee’s exposure to risk and helps protect what is often a significant investment.’ Once the source code is deposited at a secure facility, users are protected against the risk of the developer going out of business or failing to support or maintain the application. Escrow assures that source code will be accessible in the future for updates. The offering is driven from SAP’s Business One unit which has some 350 add-on solutions developed by SAP partners.

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