Flow Data rolls out PadPro

Android-based control system offers well and tank management on and off site.

Colorado-based Flow Data has announced PadPro, a new well site control system providing access to real time data via an Android-based GUI. PadPro is said to minimize IT resources at the wellhead and to empower less experienced workers. Flow Data’s Eddie Mechelay said, ‘PadPro lets users configure the system to their needs and offers the simplicity of Android technology, enabling access to the system from on-site or remote locations.’

PadPro’s built-in local WiFi access point allows the controller to be accessed locally or remotely from a smartphone, tablet or other device. The system was designed for use in harsh environments. Configurable modules include WellMgr for liquid and gas wells and TankMgr for monitoring inflow and outflow from tank-level devices. Modules include alarm, shutdown and email notifications and a SQL database for data trending.

PadPro contains a 32-bit ARM7 CPU, 16 MB of flash memory, a lithium battery that can retain its contents for two years with no power, USB A and B ports, 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, and a two-year warranty. It is cased in corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel.

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