FFA unveils GeoTeric at SEG IQ Forum

Novel technology from FFA accelerates region growing with multi dimensional classifier.

FFA CTO Jon Henderson demoed its new ‘GeoTeric’ interpretation technology at the recent SEG IQ Earth Forum. FFA’s GeoTeric, which combines image processing with ‘adaptive geobodies’ technology, co-developed with Lundin Norge, runs on Nvidia Maximus workstations. ‘Adaptive geobodies’ is described as a ‘data driven, interpreter guided’ approach to geobody extraction and characterization.

The data driven side of the equation, geobody ‘region growing’ is driven by a multi dimensional classifier whose dimensions represent attributes of the input volume under study. Seed picks define the data statistics of interest and the contrasting surrounding matrix. FFA’s image processing for greyscale, spectrum and ‘heat’ does the rest. The process not only provides insight into geobody architecture, but also computes metrics such as areal closure. View Henderson’ SEG IQ Earth Forum presentation here and visit GeoTeric.

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