Halliburton announces Knoesis frac package

‘Foray’—planar representation of induced fractures. ‘Delve’—mine terabytes of historical data.

Halliburton introduced its ‘Knoesis’ service at the SPE ATCE in San Antonio this month, a ‘family of software applications’ used by Halliburton’s stimulation technical advisors to optimize frac jobs and completions. Knoesis currently includes design and analysis services, ‘Foray’ for microseismic fracture matching and ‘Delve,’ a technical data mining and analysis service.

Foray generates a three-dimensional representation of fractures from microseismics, offering a novel planar representation of fractures rather than the more usual ‘bubble’ plots of microseismic events. These are generated automatically using ‘advanced mathematics’ that is claimed to offer unbiased, objective fracture characterization. Delve ‘mines’ historic and current job data and operating experience to optimize stimulation design and execution. Delve offers access to terabytes of historical frac data from around the world. Other Knoesis components, ‘Savvy’ for complex fracturing and ‘Melt’ for acid treatment design will be available ‘real soon now.’

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