Stonebridge ESB for P2ES environment

Enterprise service bus provides master data management for Excalibur, Bolo and other tools.

Oil and gas IT consultant Stonebridge has announced a master data management (MDM) solution leveraging data from P2 Energy Solutions’ upstream software suite comprising Excalibur, BOLO and Enterprise Essentials. Stonebridge’s new methodology extends P2ES’ software to create MDM solutions for business intelligence solutions including key performance indicator dashboards, mashups, spatial applications and visualization. P2ES director of product management Timothy Wadle said, ‘Stonebridge has developed a repeatable approach for creating MDM solutions that extend our software, collecting key well data into a single information source.’ The MDM solution extends a standard Excalibur deployment and lets companies combine data from daily field reports, reserves, regulatory, engineering and other functions. Data can be repurposed across the organization through workflow and other productivity-enhancing concepts. The solution offers a well data ‘gold standard,’ a.k.a. a ‘single version of the truth.’ More from 35.

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