RPSE—government largesse for US shale gas explorers

‘And the winner is ...’ funding for fracture technologies and AI applied to poroperm prediction.

The research partnership to secure energy for America (RPSEA) has announced several award candidates under its unconventional resources program and its small producer program. Candidates are invited to enter into negotiations prior to the award of a research contract from the US department of energy’s national energy technology lab. Proposals must provide a minimum of 20% cost share with up to 50% for field demonstration projects.

Unconventional subject areas include research on ‘non-contaminating’ cryogenic fracturing technology for shale and gas reservoirs (Colorado School of Mines and Carbo Ceramics); geomechanical analysis of fracturing (Texas A&M, TerraTek and Apex HiPoint); fracture monitoring by downhole temperature measurement (Texas A&M, Hess and Shell); permeability prediction in the Piceance (Colorado School of Mines, Houston Advanced Research Center).

Awards in the small producers program cover porosity and fluid prediction from mud logs and drilling information using artificial intelligence (Correlations Company) and technology for residual oil development in the Permian Basin (University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Advanced Resources International and others). More from www.oilit.com/links/1109_19.

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