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Boemre embeds OGP spec. ECCMA announces data quality summit. Energistics’ geographic metadata profile. IFIT releases IT glossaries. Wellstorm’s Ruby Witsml tools. CoLan new release.

Boemre is to incorporate large sections of the new drilling hazard site survey guidelines produced by the OGP Geomatics Committee into its regulations.

ECCMA’s 12th annual data quality solutions summit will be held in Tannersville, Pennsylvania on October 25th-27th. The summit focuses on implementation of the ISO 8000 standard—

Energistics’ energy industry profile of ISO/DIS 19115-1 v1.0 release candidate (EIP) is now available for community review. The EIP geographic metadata standard is designed to enable the ‘discovery, evaluation and retrieval of distributed information resources, including datasets, documents and physical resources’—

The International Foundation for Information Technology has released a number of new taxonomies including a ‘glossary of glossaries,’ terms and definitions. A software taxonomy covers enterprise and IT software—

Wellstorm is sharing its Ruby software library for Witsml. The library is used in tests and simulations and comes as a Witsml runtime and command line tool—

Piping systems research & engineering company NTP Truboprovod OOO has joined the CO-Lan board. CO-Lan has also released a new thermodynamic and physical properties interface specification v1.1.

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