Visage shows analytics on Geologic System’s dataset

Bertrand Groulx and Nathalie Saint Hilaire investigate Monteney natural gas and Bakken oil shale.

In a series of recent postings, Visage Information Solutions president Bertrand Groulx and Geologic Systems’ blogger Nathalie Saint Hilaire have been showing off Visage’s ‘visual analytics’ capability using Geologic’s hosted Canadian well data. Visage provides an infrastructure layer to public and in-house systems from third part vendors though its ‘Dynamic ETL Technology’ that assembles information on the fly and offers ’ in-memory’ data processing.

Combining Geologic’s data with other sources has provided insights into production from British Columbia’s prolific Monteney natural gas province. Plotting production against horizontal well azimuth shows the strong influence of direction on production. Spatial plots show the Monteney ‘sweet spots’ and allow further drill down to investigate the influence of frac count and spacing on productivity. The ad-hoc investigative nature of Visage lends itself to interactive analysis—such as understanding the impact of a gas processing plant was shut down and the influence of gas price on activity. Groulx has also investigated the Bakken oil shale play of SE Saskatchewan. Early indications are that initial 2011 production rates are 10% up on 2010. More from (Visage) and (Geologic).

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