Venture goes to work on major’s document management system

V-KIT key to ‘re-vitalize and re-launch’ flagging Livelink document management system.

Working for an unnamed EU major oil company, UK-based Venture Information Management has successfully ‘re-implemented’ a Livelink document management system, migrating content from multiple business units to a new, ‘globally architected’ Livelink instance. A previous Livelink system was underutilized and Venture was asked to ‘revitalize and re-launch the application.’ The migration effort included scanning, de-duplication, file planning and mapping to the new UK-based repository.

Venture’s ‘V-KIT’ toolset was to used scan each of the file shares including the legacy Livelink repositories. V-KIT’s migration utilities create import XML files to enable ‘auto mapping’ and loading of legacy content to the new system. Migration proceeded with minimal manual intervention and took ‘just a few hours.’

The geophysical technology department was already a major user of the legacy Livelink system and—with responsibilities for also managing an extensive hardcopy data catalogue—had built up a large volume of associated metadata. The project also included a major clean-up of geophysical content and metadata, the consolidation of dispersed human resources content and rationalization of supply chain data. Livelink is Now Part of the OpenText ECM Suite ( More from (Venture).

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