Saudi Aramco’s educators leverage Ocean API

‘Seismic to simulation’ program developed on Petrel for Upstream Professional Development Center.

Educators in Saudi Aramco’s new Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC) have used Schlumberger’s ‘Ocean’ API to develop a ‘tutorial plug-in’ for Petrel. The training simulator offers an interactive program that helps familiarize Saudi Aramco’s personnel with oilfield disciplines, from geophysics to reservoir engineering, along with ‘specialized domain tools’ that incorporate real Aramco field data, company culture and specific processes used in the development of Saudi Aramco fields.

The training program was developed in the face of ‘major increases’ in the pace of operations and a tight job market for experienced staff. Aramco considers that developing its existing workforce is a strategic imperative—hence the UPDC. Schlumberger’s Information Solutions unit collaborated on the development of the plug-in. Training using the Ocean-based tutorial began late last year. More from

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