Cyber security round-up

Accenture’s mobile security. Lockheed Martin’s security for energy. DHS and the idiocy problem!

A new white paper from Accenture offers advice on protecting the mobile workforce. The study notes the rapid and widespread take-up of iPhones and other mobile endpoints in the enterprise and proposes a number of measures to protect users and the corporation. Companies need to address the security problem from an IT standpoint across network, device, applications and back end. Next a ‘hard-nosed’ culture of security needs to be developed, with an education program focused on building awareness of security issues. Finally a risk assessment should help decide where the mitigation effort needs to go—prioritizing areas of weakness and high impact. More from

Those aiming for a ‘hard nosed’ security culture may be disheartened by a recent experiment conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security. Security specialist Idappcom ‘quietly dropped’ data disks and USB sticks in the car parks of government agency and allied company buildings. No less than 60% of these were inserted into the company/agency’s computer systems. ‘Bad guys’ planning such attacks (Stuxnet is rumored to have been delivered this way) will be interested to learn that the ‘success rate’ soared to 90% when sticks bore a the target’s logo! Idappcom’s Ray Bryant observed, ‘No device known to mankind can prevent people from being idiots.’ More on the DHS tests on

Lockheed Martin has announced a cyber security solution tailored to the energy and utility verticals. Lockheed Martin’s ‘Palisade’ addresses the ‘complex threat environment’ facing the energy industry. Palisade provides advanced threat detection and forensic tools that give cyber security analysts the actionable intelligence they need to defend and maintain their networks. More from

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