Software, hardware short takes

Seisware, Caesar Systems, Energy Solutions, Exprodat, Paradogm, Ikon Science, INT, MetaCarta, SPT Group, PE Energy Solutions, Schlumberger, Petris, OSIsoft, Microsoft—but sans MURA!

The 7.3 release of Seisware adds volume curvature, a well planning tool, 2D modeling and cross sections and more—

Caesar Systems’ PetroVR 2011 (V 9.1) adds new functionality for gas plant operators including gas liquefaction—

Energy Solutions International’s Synthesis 10.0 release of its enterprise liquid logistics management application—

Exprodat’s Team-GIS Segment Analyst has been upgraded to ArcGIS 10—

Release of Paradigm’s Geolog 7 is imminent and will see a ‘complete re-engineering’ of the user interface. A new core analysis module provides correction and interpretation algorithms for routine and special core analysis and interactive dip-azimuth walkout plots—

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 5.6 adds unconventional reservoir modeling functionality for shales, fractured reservoirs, heavy oils and compacting reservoirs—

INT’s GeoToolkit 4.2 adds an OpenGL rendering driver for Qt, support for Visual Studio .NET 2010 and more—

MetaCarta is now releasing quarterly IHS Global Oil & Gas/Geomatics Data Management updates—

SPT Group’s OLGA 7.0 release includes usability and integration enhancements and a new high definition model for stratified flow—

P2 Energy Solutions has announced a new hosted, subscription-based version of CS Explorer, its land management package, only six weeks after its acquisition from Bolin—

The 2011 release of Schlumberger ‘s Petrel now handles data in multiple coordinate systems. Studio Find adds a Google-like search across Petrel project metadata—

PetrisWINDS Enterprise 7.5 includes a new GUI leveraging Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Silverlight and offers tight integration with Esri’s ArcGIS. A Recall plug-in for Petrel enables borehole trajectories to be populated directly from deviation surveys stored in Recall—

OSIsoft has released PI for Microsoft StreamInsight. A ‘declarative query language’ is used to detect complex events from operational and manufacturing data while events are ‘historized’ in the PI System—

Comment—With OSIsoft a flagship backer of the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture, MURA, this announcement would have been a great opportunity to plug the initiative. A curious omission—probably of no significance...

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