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Maxeler’s new MaxGenFD compiler hides the complexities of finite difference seismic imaging development such as managing very large data sets, boundary conditions and domain decomposition across multiple compute elements on the company’s FPGA hardware.

Saudi Aramco has announced ‘Apex,’ an automated approach to seismic acquisition and processing. Apex uses ‘robotics technology’ for 3D data acquisition and automates processing tasks such as near surface and subsurface velocity estimation.

ATE-AeroSurveillance’s new ‘Ardent’ airborne real-time detection and notification system offers real-time object detection and tracking from manned or unmanned aircraft—

Blue Marble’s GeoTransform 6.1 release offers developers raster image manipulation across many GIS raster image file formats and embeds the EPSG geodetic database—

The 4.2 release of Comsol Multiphysics includes a new Geomechanics add-on to its structural mechanics module. 3D simulations can now be imported to AutoCAD—

Petrolink’s new website ( is a showcase for its Digital Well File oilfield data distribution service.

Dynamic Drilling Systems has written a functional Witsml client written in C#. The code, which includes the nWitsml library from Setiri Group (, is available from

Pitney Bowes’ Encom Discover 3D 2011 geoscience add-on to MapInfo Professional/Discover GIS vector and voxel analytics, automatic geometry calculations and 2D/3D correlation in the seismic interpretation module—

Safe Software’s FME 2011 speeds geo-data access to sources such as Oracle Spatial, Esri ArcSDE, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, and more—

Ensyte has added an electronic bulletin board to the new release of its gas supply/transportation software solution, Gastar. The interface is used to communicate with transportation clients for scheduling, confirmations, gas usage, and billing statements—

EnergySolutions’ PipelineStudio 3.3 release enhancements include heater and cooler elements, subnetworks and a scenario editor—

The 5000.6 release of Landmark’s GeoProbe high-end seismic interpretation system includes tighter integration with DecisionSpace Desktop, a 64 bit Windows 7 port and ‘GeoShell,’ a new data-object called that can represent large, complex, multi-z, bodies such as salt intrusions—

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