SAPphire—Baker Hughes’ ‘Odyssey’ leverages SAP ESH module

Karen Lane’s presentation describes new health, safety and environment management system.

Speaking at the SAP’s SAPphire Now event in Orlando, Florida last month, Karen Lane presented Baker Hughes’ corporate social responsibility and health, safety, and environmental application developed atop of SAP EHS. Baker Hughes’ (BH) approach to HSE is risk-based and business-focused. This cycles though centers of expertise, communities of practice, management systems and business units in a ‘closed-loop continuous improvement’ process.

BH’s HS&E previous ‘home grown’ information system suffered from functional overlap, gaps and fragmented information. This was impacting HS&E performance with potential compliance risks and causing a loss of focus on goals and targeted programs. BH wanted to raise its HS&E game with better processes, initially focusing on incident management. The business objective was to provide the HS&E big picture, to foster an interdependent safety culture and to promote HS&E through ownership.

BH embarked on an analysis of the top HS&E software vendors which supplied proof of concept demonstrators. SAP was selected because of its multi-lingual offering, breadth and robust reporting and alignment with BH’s business requirements. The user friendly NetWeaver interface and mobility (Blackberry) support were also plus points.

BH has developed a structured approach to HS&E management with a detailed industrial safety and security incident investigation workflow. These have been mapped into the new solution with help from implementation partners E2Manage, Infosys and TechniData (now an SAP unit). The resulting platform, known as ‘Odyssey’ has now been extended to address root cause analysis, emissions management and reporting. BH has a roadmap out to beyond 2012 for extension of Odyssey to cover, inter alia, chemical inventory management, industrial hygiene, energy and crisis management. The roadmap should not however be construed as a ‘forward looking statement.’ Heavens no!

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