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OGP Seabed Survey data model. ASTM Laser Scan Data Exchange. AIPN Model Contracts. IWIS RP.

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) has released Version 1 of its seabed survey data model (SSDM). The model is intended for data exchange between oil companies and survey contractors, as well as a ‘sound’ data model for managing seabed survey data at an enterprise level within O&G companies. The model includes a freely available data model, data dictionary and support documentation. More from

Speaking at the 2011 Fiatech conference, Tad Fry (CAPEX Process & Technology) unveiled the new ASTM E57 Laser Scan Data Exchange Standard. The open standard covers 3D data (point clouds, range images), associated imagery, meta-data to support downstream processing in terrestrial, aerial and mobile contexts. More from

The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) presented its annual Model Contracts Workshop this month in Paris. Presentations covered AIPN model contracts, International Joint Operating Agreement Drilling, Gas Balancing Agreement, Accounting Procedures and Area of Mutual Interest Agreement—

OTM Consulting has prepared a Recommended Practice document for the Intelligent Well Interface Standard, IWIS, a joint industry project whose mission is ‘to assist the integration of downhole power and communication architectures, subsea control systems and topsides by providing recommended specifications (and standards where appropriate) for power and communication architectures and other associated hardware requirements.’ The document builds on ISO13628 – Part 6, an implementation guide to the IWIS interface. IWIS provides a detailed specification for power, communications and hydraulic systems and the standard subsea physical interface. The spec has backing from several national and international oils and suppliers including Aker, Baker Hughes, Cameron, FMC, GE and others. Download the IWIS RP on

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