Book review—Software Testing

ITSQB study guide fails to provide ‘quick start’ for newbie testers.

The 3rd edition of Software Testing Foundations1 is a preparation for the ISTQB2 qualification. It is a decent introduction to the subject of software testing, terminology, psychology and more using the General ‘V-Model.’ This advocates concurrent development and testing as twin branches of a ‘V’ that converges on a finished, tested product.

The book works through the development of a ‘Virtual Showroom’ application illustrating use of static and dynamic testing, test and team management and strategies.

A section on ‘test tools’ was a disappointment, attempting to classify tools without any examples. The debate is at too high a level to be useful to anyone wanting to get testing quickly. No commercial tools are named, let alone compared. 

If you are either a student, or a manager lumbered with a new responsibility for testing this is probably a good starting point. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get going fast, probably not. Read also the useful comments on earlier editions on Amazon. 

1 Spillner, Linz and Schaefer, Rockynook Press. ISBN 978-1-933952-78-9 and

2 International Software Testing Qualifications Board, 

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