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PIDX International, Oasis geothermal data standard, API on hydraulic fracturing best practices.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has spun-out its e-commerce standards unit, the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange committee, PIDX. A new independent, industry managed, non-profit standards body, PIDX, Inc. replaces the venerable Committee, originally created in 1987.  PIDX Inc. will continue to develop maintain global oil and gas eBusiness standards—

The Oasis organization has floated a ‘potential’ geothermal energy data standards project that sets out ti create common data structures for geothermal energy information standards. Geothermal resources exploitation, like petroleum exploration, requires ‘robust’ 3D location coordinates, lifecycle data management and ‘heterogeneous’ metadata spanning geology, geophysics, hydrology and more. There is a need for ‘widespread data sharing’ and calculations ‘based on interoperable compatible data’— Once more into the breach!

API director Erik Milito has ‘urged’ the US Department of Energy to rely upon the ‘robust best practices already in place’ for hydraulic fracturing. API released a publically available series of industry guidance documents on hydraulic fracturing in February—

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