PODS 5.1 highlights

DCP Midstream demos new One Call/damage repair sub-model.

The 5.1 release of the Pipeline Open Data Standard model (PODS) is due for release in July 2011. A summary of key features is available on the PODS website (www.oilit.com/links/1105_30). PODS has kept the model size down to around 670 tables while adding sub models for ‘One Call’ and damage prevention. The One Call workgroup aims to mitigate the risk of third-party damage extending the model with support for One Call ticket information as well as third-party Damage/Repair information. A comprehensive prototype of the solution was presented by PODS user DCP Midstream illustrating PODS to ESRI linkage and geoprocessing of One Call data. More from www.oilit.com/links/1105_31.

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