Fiatech in 2010

Standards body progresses on RFID for materials management, ISO 15926 and handover guide.

The Austin, Texas-based Fiatech organization has just released its 2010 annual report. Fiatech works to develop standards and best practices in the engineering and construction arena and its activity intersects with upstream in engineering, facilities, initiatives in RFID standardization and through the ISO 15926 standard for equipment data exchange.

2010 highlights include advancing interoperability in partnership with the Norwegian POSC Caesar Association with the ISO 15926 Joint Operations Reference Data (JORD) project—a primer for ISO 15926 deployment will be published in 2011. 2010 also saw the publication of the Fiatech manual on ‘RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement,’ ( representing the culmination of a two-year collaboration between manufacturers, operators, RFID technologists and global standards organizations.

Work proceeds in collaboration with the USPI-NL standards body on a Capital Facilities Information Handover Guide which will include ‘common workflows and checklists’ and ‘minimum vendor data deliverables to support construction planning, work-packaging, storage and maintenance processes.’ Fiatech’s total income for 2010 amounted to approx $1.7 million—most from dues and the annual conference. Oil company members are ExxonMobil, Petronas and just about all EPCs and several software suppliers. The 2011 Fiatech Technology Conference and Showcase was held last month in Phoenix, Arizona. A report on the show will appear in next month’s Oil IT Journal. More from

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