Shell and HP ramp new geophone

Land wireless seismic acquisition system passes low frequency test, heralds quality ‘leap forward.’

Shell and HP have provided an update on their joint development of a novel geophone (Oil IT Journal March 2010). The companies are developing an ‘ultra high resolution’ wireless land seismic recording system leveraging sensing technology from HP’s ‘Central Nervous System for the Earth’ (CeNSE). Testing in the seismic testing vault of the USGS’s Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory facility in New Mexico showed a noise ‘floor,’ (the smallest detectable acceleration) of 10 nano-g per square root Hertz. The test also demonstrated the fidelity of the new sensor at frequencies ‘as low as 25 mHz’ [which we take to be milli hertz].

Dirk Smit, chief scientist for Geophysics and VP Exploration Technology, Shell said, ‘Our collaboration with HP demonstrates Shell’s strategic approach to driving innovative technology solutions through active partnering.’ HP’s Rich Duncombe added, ‘We are on track to produce a leap forward in onshore seismic data quality.’ The system will be delivered by HP Enterprise Services and the company’s Imaging and Printing Group. More from

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