Woodmac, Elsevier join forces via Geofacets search tool

Oil and gas commercial data meets georeferenced geology from Elsevier’s journals.

Wood MacKenzie has teamed with Elsevier to augment its upstream information offering with ‘Geofacets,’ a collection of indexed geological maps and other information sourced from Elsevier’s earth sciences journals. Geofacets (Oil IT Journal, October 2010) is a web-based database of georeferenced geological maps. Users can search via keyword or map interface and refine results with search ‘facets’ such as map type, surface area and geological basin. The combined offering targets geoscientists involved in assessing a geological basin’s characteristics and potential.

Woodmac’s success rates and fiscal regime information are now accessible through map overlays that users can switch on as they view maps within Geofacets, enhancing Geofacets’ database of 125,000 geological maps. Geofacets product manager Phoebe McMellon said, ‘This technology integrates well with existing workflows and lets users place scientific information in a commercial context.’ The Woodmac overlays are now available to all Geofacets users. More from www.oilit.com/links/1104_15.

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