Shell deploys Kell server cabinets for quieter virtual reality

Viz rooms with high end workstations now run cooler—and at last you can hear folks talk!

Shell Europe has deployed server cabinets from Kell Systems at ‘virtual reality’ collaboration centers, a.k.a. ‘Viz rooms’ in Aberdeen and Stavanger. The Viz rooms provide communications and 3D modeling on two high-performance HP XW9400 workstations. Shell found the noise generated by the workstations was a problem, as Viz room coordinator Simon Green explained, ‘The rooms are quite small, so the noise of the PC towers working hard was distracting—especially for videoconferencing.’ Green also observed, ‘The PCs also experienced overheating problems as they are top-end systems—the heat they generated was incredible.’

Shell chose Kell’s PSE24 ComputerVault Pro model—a 24 rack space model. One cabinet was installed in each of the five Viz rooms in Aberdeen. The cabinets solved both the noise and overheating issues. Ultra-low-noise exhaust fan modules keep the systems cool enabling the units to run with the cabinet doors closed—reducing noise by some 18.5dBA. At 38 Watts per cabinet, power consumption is ‘considerably lower’ than an air conditioned server room. Kell clients include Microsoft, BP, NASA, the US Navy and Google. More from

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