IBM simulator-based training for Shell truckers

Virtual reality-based system trains users of new global terminal automation system, ‘GTAS.’

IBM and Shell report a ‘transformation’ of employee training on the use of its new global terminal automation system (GTAS). GTAS is helping Shell standardize applications across over 150+ terminals and depots around the world. GTAS offers terminal staff and drivers enhanced safety controls and lowers maintenance and support costs. The system interacts with Shell’s business and finance systems, increasing the efficiency of invoicing and financial processes.

Some 1,000 employees in 13 countries are being trained on the new system using a new, on-demand, interactive environment that re-creates typical fuelling scenarios in a safe learning environment. The e-learning tool was built through collaboration between Shell experts, a team of IBM consultants and e-learning developers. GTAS is localized for Brazilian, German, Italian and Turkish users. More from

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