Spirit IT to co-develop fiscal metering package with Petronas

Million Euro deal sees EU developer team with Malaysian NOC on software development and marketing.

Petronas has awarded Netherlands-based Spirit Innovative Technologies (Spirit IT) a million Euro contract for the provision of software development, installation and maintenance services. These will initially include the supply of software that will ‘enhance the quality and intelligence’ of Petronas’ onshore and offshore metering systems and centralize data capture. Spirit was selected following an evaluation of five ‘renowned’ competitors.

CEO Harry Kok said, ‘This is an international breakthrough for our company. We are among the first to partner with Petronas on software development and international marketing. More products are likely to follow.’ Spirit expects to up its head count following the deal and is opening an office in Malaysia, where local employees will kick-off the project under supervision from Eindhoven. The office is expected to develop into an expertise centre for the South-East Asian region. In its own right, Spirit develops automation products and metering solutions for the oil and gas industry. Other Spirit IT clients include Saudi Aramco, Shell, NAM, Petrom, ExxonMobil and Petrofac. More from www.oilit.com/links/1104_29.

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