Talari Networks’ WAN virtualization for PPC

Mercury adaptive private networking creates enterprise bandwidth from commodity connectivity.

UK based oil country tubular goods supplier Petroleum Pipe Co. has deployed Talari Networks’ ‘Mercury’ adaptive private networking (APN) appliances. APN technology is suited to developing world regions where broadband may be inconsistent or cost-prohibitive. Talari’s appliances aggregate available bandwidth (DSL, cable or wireless) into a ‘virtual network’ offering reliable wide area infrastructure connecting remote offices.

Virtualization continuously monitors all network paths between remote sites and PPC’s UK datacenter ensuring a more reliable and predictable data and VoIP network. APN monitors internet connectivity for loss, latency and jitter, detecting and responding sub-second to network traffic congestion. PPC has deployed seven Talari APN appliances: one in London, two in Dubai, and the remainder at smaller remote offices. More from www.oilit.com/links/1104_28.

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