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Neuralog, Aveva, Cortona3D, Nvidia, Invensys, INT, Baker Hughes/Jewel Suite, Landmark, IBM, LMKR, Petrofac, Ensyte Energy Software, VSG.

Neuralog’s NeuraJet17 provides 17” wide presentation quality color well log prints on continuous fanfold paper at up to 1200 dpi. NeuraJet17 comes with the NeuraViewPE imaging and LAS log handling software—

Aveva has announced a new ‘Laser Modeler’ solution to transform laser scan point cloud data into as-built 3D plant models—

Cortona3D ‘s RapidAuthor 6.0 subsumes previous products into a suite of tools for all support documentation authorship of manuals, parts catalogs, training materials and instructions. The tool integrates with Just Systems’ ‘XMax’ XML editor—

R4.0 of Nvidia ‘s CUDA toolkit includes GPUDirect 2.0 for peer-to-peer communication among GPUs in a single server or workstation. Unified Virtual Addressing provides a single merged-memory address space spanning main and GPU memories. Thrust libraries provide open source C++ parallel algorithms and data structures. A 5 to 100 x speedup is claimed—

Invensys’’Eyesim’ virtual reality-based gas plant operator training systems is now available for the iPhone and iPad. The new app offers mobile workers access to process simulation and a ‘walkthrough’ virtual plant environment—

INT has released GeoToolkit.NET 3.1. Highlights include log display in time or depth, added support for deviated logs, new tornado and box plot charts and management of component assemblies for an subsurface completion in Well Schematic—

The 2011 release of Baker Hughes’ JewelSuite offers improved collaboration and decision making, direct connectivity with Computer Modeling Group’s flow simulator, parallel processing with new multi-threading and multicore functionality and micro-seismic visualization for non conventional workflows—

Landmark’s new DecisionSpace Desktop Well Planning module can plan an entire field of platforms and well locations, including multilateral drilling programs for unconventional resource plays—

A new white paper from IBM, ‘Linux and the storage ecosystem,’ provides a good introduction to DAS, NAS, SAN and volume management—

LMKR has acquired Velocity Manager, a seismic depth conversion toolkit, from Cambridge Petroleum Software—

Petrofac’s SPD unit has released WellAtlas project management software for the oil & gas sector—

Ensyte Energy Software is offering software development and testing services to the oil and gas industry targeting the port of legacy VB6 applications to Visual Studio/SQL Server or Oracle. The service offering follows on from the successful port of Ensyte’s Gastar application—

The 8.5 release of VSG’s Open Inventor includes an optimized C++ STL, a new .NET framework and improved support for ATI graphics boards. Improvements to VolumeViz and VolumeViz LDM optimize rendering performance, reduce memory use and speed large volume data loading—

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