Software, hardware short takes

New releases from Geovariances, ClearEdge 3D, Flare Solutions, Fugro-Jason, IDS, IHS, Mathcad, MetaCarta, Petrosys, Stingray Geophysical, Emerson/Roxar and Invensys.

The 2011 edition of Geovariances’ Isatis includes local optimization, an automatic variogram fitting tool and multi-point statistics leveraging Ephesia’s Impala library. Also new is an interface to Roxar’s RMS modeler—

ClearEdge3D has announced ‘Edgewise Plant’ to automatically extract pipe geometry from 3D point cloud data and exports it as a CAD-ready DXF file—

The latest release of Flare’s E&P Catalog includes a stand-alone GIS display of query results. The interface shows ‘publishing activity’ to track key documents as they are published and updated—

The 4.2 release of Fugro-Jason’s EarthModel FT includes a Petrel data import/export plug-in, an OpenSpirit link, improved upscaling and more—

IDS VisNet2.0 solution for drilling data visualization, analysis and reporting includes both ‘static’ and customizable, complex queries. A dashboard displays multiple tables and charts for monitoring of rate of penetration, non-productive time which can be compared rig to rig, well to well or tour to tour—

IHS has announced ‘IHS Energy Executive Insider,’ a web-based subscription and daily alert of ‘decisive’ energy issues of the day, along with analysis of and perspective on industry developments and business implications—

Mathcad Prime offers a new ‘intuitive task-based’ interface and ‘intelligent’ units support. A new design of experiment capability reduces the number of physical or virtual experiments. The new Mathcad better integrates with other PTC tools and with CAD and CAE tools—

Qbase has upgraded its MetaCarta GeoSearch toolkit for the Solr open source enterprise search engine. Users can index and search documents by keyword inside of a defined geographic area. MetaCarta reports a ‘growing’ number of users of Solr and also of Lucene—

The 16.9 release of Petrosys’ eponymous flagship adds direct connections to Paradigm EPOS 2D and 3D seismic data, direct access SeisWare interpretations and 3D grids. An upgrade to Petrel connectivity brings ‘significant’ speed improvements—

Stingray Geophysical ‘s new fibre-optic ‘FosarFocus’ system is a permanently installed broadband multi-component seabed seismic array for time-lapse monitoring of flood fronts—

Emerson/Roxar has released new versions of its Tempest flow simulator and EnAble, its history match assistant. Tempest 6.7 adds new CO2 flood capability, better memory usage and new grid transforms and visualization aids. EnAble 2.4 includes a console log that keeps track of all user activity, a progress indicator and an improved navigation tool bar. Both products run on Windows and Linux desktops with multi-core CPUs or on Linux clusters and Windows HPC servers—

V 9.0 of Invensys’ SimSci-Esscor PRO II steady state process simulator sports a new customizable user interface and support for Microsoft App-V virtualization. Updated thermodynamic correlations includes a link to NIST’s properties database—

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