Sword CTSpace ECM for engineering projects

New ‘Fusion’ engineering content management system integrates SharePoint, Documentum.

Sword CTSpace has announced a new release of its FusionEnterprise (FE) engineering content management system that allows engineering companies to blend and manage information stored in multiple systems. The latest FE release combines engineering content from separate EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet P8 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 systems. FE provides support for capital projects and operations by adding engineering and compliance features to a ‘basic’ ECM repository. Features include CAD support, transmittals management and audit trails.

Sword VP Tim Fleet said, ‘Larger customers wanted to deploy a common engineering content application across multiple legacy ECM systems in different parts of their organization. FE now provides the flexibility needed to federate engineering content.’ An engineering company might use SharePoint for capital projects and Documentum for records management. FE ‘leverages the strengths of the individual systems,’ avoiding data compatibility issues.

CTSpace is available as an online software as a service solution or an on-site solution. Sword Group claims over $270 million revenues. The Sword client list reads like a Who’s who of the engineering and plant vertical. More from www.oilit.com/links/1103_9.

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