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License2Share, Sunoco & PODS, CEN’s SMEST2, UK & open standards, API PIDX, CapeOpen units.

Norwegian EPIM has signed off on a Logica-developed substitute for the LicenseWeb and AuthorityWeb reporting standards. The result, ‘L2S’ went live last month with a peak of 500 simultaneous users—


Sunoco Logistics has updated its geographical information system leveraging the Petroleum Open Data Standard (PODS) data model. A decision support system offers users an internet map interface to facilities, pipelines and other PODS data. The development used ESRI tools and a Microsoft Silver Light GUI. PODS also reports the imminent release of its 5.1 model version—

CEN, the EU standards organization has announced the small and medium sized enterprise Standardization Toolkit. SMEST2 will ‘heighten awareness of standardization’ with a new website for knowledge sharing—


A ‘position paper’ from the UK Government states that, ‘When purchasing software, infrastructure and other ICT goods and services, Cabinet Office recommends that Government departments should [..] deploy open standards in procurement.’ More from


API PIDX is inviting volunteers to join the new project to develop a supplier KPI data transmission standard. Target benefits include automated scorecard completion, improved data quality and faster processing—


CapeOpen/CO-Lan is inviting comments on the latest version of its unit standards. The 6.21 revision lease ‘clarifies numerous points while not changing the underlying design of the interfaces.’ More from

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