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Nalco VP Ying Yeh has joined ABB’s Board of Directors.

Advantage IQ has appointed Seth Nesbitt as VP and chief marketing officer. Nesbitt was formerly VP marketing with Parallels.

Ajei Gopal has been appointed to Ansys’ Board of Directors.

Apache Corp. has appointed Rod Eichle as president and CEO, and Roger Plank as president and CCO.

Captain Lee and Keane Sia head-up the new API office in Singapore.

Former BP CIO Simon Orebi Gann has been appointed to AspenTech’s board of directors.

The new US Ocean Energy Safety Advisory Committee will be chaired by former Sandia National Lab. director Tom Hunter. Industry representatives include Charlie Williams (Shell), Paul Siegele (Chevron), Jo Gebara (Technip) and Don Jacobsen (Noble).

Kevin Montagne is now COO of Dynamic Drilling’s Apollodart unit.

EOC has appointed Jon Dunstan as COO. He was formerly with London Marine Consultants.

Stéphanie Berthelin has joined Ephesia Consult. She was formerly with France’s CNRS R&D establishment.

John Gremp has succeeded Peter Kinnear as President and CEO of FMC Technologies.

Honeywell has nominated former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire Judd Gregg, to stand for election as a Director at the 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareowners.

Ikon Science Americas has appointed Mark Kittridge as VP Technology. Kittridge was previously with ConocoPhillips.

Ryan McPherson heads-up the new Abu Dhabi arm of the oil and gas Industry Technology Facilitator. Dave Liddle is Strategic Technology Director and Dorothy Burke, Operations Director.

Allen Johnson has joined Kalido as VP of marketing and channels. VP of strategy and business development, Winston Chen is now CTO.

Patrick Sullivan and Sotheavy Loch have joined NDB.

OSIsoft has named Susanna Kass as new COO. She was formerly COO of Trilliant Networks. Dennis Lin has joined as China country manager.

Palantir Solutions has created a free guide to global oil and gas fiscal terms—links/1103_49.

Simon Kendall has joined Reservoir Group as Data MD. Wade McCutcheon is Geo VP and Dave Clark VP corporate development. Sara Macauley is marketing and communications manager.

Tor Magne is Norway country manager for Corpro Systems. He hails from Odfjell Drilling Technology.

Stephen Wright is VP EAME operations with Solomon Associates. He was formerly with KBC Process Technology. Bill Trout has been promoted to VP of refining studies.

Stewart & Stevenson has named Tony Petrello, Robinson West and Micki Hidayatallah to its board.

Tomas Arroyo heads-up T.D. Williamson’s new Colombia unit. Juan Chacin is director, Latin America.

Michael Tiller is moving to Dassault Systèmes.

Morten Vinther will head-up Verdande Technology’s new Abu Dhabi branch.


Philippe Theys points out that in last month’s review we mistakenly titled his book ‘Quest for Data Quality.’ The correct title is ‘Quest for Quality Data.’ Our apologies.

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