Statoil’s GeoTracker—global reporting and compliance system

Kadme’s Whereoil toolset automates well data QC, adds country-specific reporting rules.

Statoil is embedding Kadme’s Whereoil inside its ‘GeoTracker’ well reporting and information management system. GeoTracker will be localized to Statoil’s individual country requirements and used to report data to regulatory authorities worldwide. Whereoil tracks Statoil’s internal data flows through stage gates and quality control steps before capture to corporate data stores and transmission to third parties. The project kicked off last month and will go live in September 2011.

Statoil’s Leading Advisor on Data Management, Lars Olav Grøvik, said, ‘GeoTracker will be an important piece in Statoil’s data management system. Its well data tracking functionality will ensure Statoil complies with internal and external reporting requirements.’

Automated notifications will ensure that users meet reporting deadlines. Data flow tasks are based on predefined, country-specific rules. Monitoring and tracking capabilities allow supervisors to check and report on data status. Whereoil will connect Statoil’s internal systems to outside information sources such as the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate fact pages and the Diskos National Data Repository.

Whereoil also powers the Columbian EPIS National Data Repository and the oil company-sponsored Arctic Web data portal. More from

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